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The Paddock Singers is a lively women’s choir which normally meets on Thursday evenings at The Friends Meeting House, Friars Walk  in Lewes at 8.00–9.30 pm (see ‘Rehearsals’ for exact dates).

We are currently operating a waiting list for interested singers to join our choir – please contact our secretary, Fiona Monson (see details below), if you’re interested in joining and would like to be on the waiting list. Beyond that, we’re not a highly formal choir and rehearsals usually end up in the local pub!

We work towards two public concerts of our own each year as well as performing at community events and in old people’s homes. We are also regularly invited to perform at other concerts and productions, including Evensong at Chichester Cathedral.

Contact Fiona Monson on 07786 252145  if you would like more details about joining us.


A quote about the Paddock Singers

“There’s that undefinable something that happens (or doesn’t happen) at some point every year that hits the heart and says to you, “Mmm, feels like Christmas.”  That happened for me and I suspect for many in the St Michael’s Church  audience last night at the Paddock Singers concert”.

Quote by Paul Austin Kelly for Viva Lewes

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