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Globe Sonnet Walks, April 2015

Not that we like to blow our own trumpet – we much prefer to sing 😉 – but we did have a particularly wonderful experience lately when we were invited to sing as part of the Globe’s annual Sonnet Walks.

“I’ve been doing this walk every year for 11 years and can honestly say that was the best thing I’ve seen in all that time”.

– Two women, separately , to one of us after our last performance of the 2015 Sonnet Walk

For anyone unfamiliar with the way these work, they are two routes that take a historic tour though London, both ending up at the Globe theatre. Various performers are dotted along the route, disguised as your usual tourists or Londoners. At the point a tour group wanders past a performer, they begin a performance that is in some way linked to Shakespeare’s work or era. The joy of this for the tour is that they never quite know what to expect, or even when to expect it.

Several of our audience, still reeling from shock, described the performance to me as “completely amazing …. No-one expected a bunch of middle-aged women to break into song….”

– observation from one of our performances during the 2015 Sonnet Walk

The Paddock Singers were thrilled to be asked to sing as part of one of the 2015 Sonnet Walks, which we did disguised as a tour group who were spectacularly obsessed with Gough Square. Our fabulous Musical Director, Ruth, posed as our tour guide (and conductor and coach and moral supporter) and off we went.

“Our very own Mary Poppins, umbrella and all. Many thanks for the inspiration.”

– on Ruth, of whose energy and expertise the Paddock Singers are completely in awe

The most wonderful and surprising part of the experience was the most wonderful unsolicited feedback we received from our audiences. We want to thank everyone from the staff and organisers right down to all our audience members at every point through the day – we thoroughly enjoyed it and hope they did too! We are so thrilled with the feedback that we’d like to share it …

“The hairs on the back of my neck went up”
“It was intensely moving”
“… very impressed – and loved it. Very moving etc.!”
“… completely amazing!”
“Incredible, I’ll remember it forever.”

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